Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why I Can't Support Obama

I’m a mid-twenties white male voting John McCain for President. According to Gallup, Obama has a 20- to 30-point advantage among people my age. Indeed, his base is upscale college grads and new-economy young voters. More precisely, my peer group.

Some of my friends in this demographic think I’m crazy. My girlfriend fears I’m some right-wing fascist. People I'm close to don’t understand how I can have liberal views on social issues and still support a McCain-Palin ticket. They ask me why I'm not going to vote for the younger, more hip, articulate, better looking and socially acceptable Obama.

Rather than getting into a dinner party debate, this is an attempt to put forward my full thoughts on the topic and clearly explain my political views.

I’m not trying to convince my friends they’re wrong and I’m right. I don’t force my opinions on others or think Obama supporters are stupid. People I love, respect and admire will vote for Obama and I still don't question my feelings for them. I can understand the opposing point-of-view. With this blog, I’m simply trying to summarize my thoughts on the election and put to rest any questions of my sanity or judgment that have come up lately.

I don’t expect everyone around me to share my philosophies/ideologies. We all have our own stories and backgrounds that shape what we believe. My views are personal and they should be private, but I hope that my friends and family will read this with an open mind. I’m not looking to engage in debates or further discussion on the topic. You don’t have to agree with a word of what I’m saying, just let me have my thoughts, as I let you have yours.

I haven’t changed much since I came to Washington in 2002. I was then and still an Independent registered voter. I lean to the conservative side but I'm not a partisan or somebody who will move to Canada or quit my job if Obama wins. I'll just cross my fingers and hope for the best. In fact, I'd much rather vote for a viable third party option who embodies my Libertarian views and isn't some crazy Ron Paul/Ross Perot clone. In the absence of any alternative to the two-party system, I choose my candidate based on an empirical evaluation of their background, beliefs and character…party affiliation plays no role for me. I supported Bill Clinton in 1996, John McCain in the Republican Primary over Bush in 2000 and subsequently Bush in 2004.

I've been able to closely track of the rise of both McCain and Obama during my time in DC. I've thought about how the election will affect the current balance of power in Washington, U.S. foreign affairs, and the domestic economic climate.

What follows is my rationale for supporting John McCain, despite his shortcomings. I encourage you to follow the links provided. Enjoy reading.

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