Monday, December 8, 2008

Good Luck...

Thank God this election is over.

I found a handwritten note tucked into my mailbox, sometime on November 1st, three days before the election. There was no envelope, and the message was scrawled on an oversize green lined sticky note paper, folded once.

In androgynous handwriting, it read:

"John McCain will lose!

Your $[money] is gone!


I laughed it off, thinking it was probably someone I knew. But nobody came forward to claim responsibility. I then considered the highly disturbing possibility that a complete stranger would take the time to look me up in the FEC reports, track down my address and then stop by my place during the day to hand-deliver this missive. Such hubris.

Regardless, I'm ready to move on and I sincerely hope Obama proves me wrong. I support the President-elect and only want the best for our country. I am heartened by his early moves and the composition of his cabinet, and I will allow him the opportunity to earn my genuine support over the next four years.

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