Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On Everything Else...

McCain will let me keep my guns. No matter how big or scary they are. Obama would prefer that only criminals carry guns. Thankfully the Supreme Court disagreed with him.

McCain supports school choice and private school vouchers. Obama thinks we should pour more federal money into state school systems, paid for by higher taxes on corporations.

McCain will continue the Cuban embargo and hold the Castro regime accountable for its actions. Obama wants to normalize relations with the dictator at our doorstep.

McCain thinks that free trade without undue restrictions or tarriffs is good for the economy and we should open free trade agreements with all nations that are not security risks. Obama voted against CAFTA, wants to amend NAFTA and thinks we should add further restrictions on trade to appease his Union bosses and supporters in the environmental lobby.

McCain supports the Patriot Act and believes it helps protect Americans. Obama wants to re-write the Patriot Act and believes it harms American's civil liberties.

McCain thinks that affirmative action should be limited in its application. Obama supports affirmative action in colleges and government.

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